Exhibition of works by Michael O'Hara.

Monday 24th October – Sunday 6th November 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present ‘Phylum’ – a sculptural and drawing Exhibition by Bray Artist Michael O’Hara.

The Exhibition will be a new body of work based around Michael’s research into the transformation of everyday materials into small-scale sculptures. This transformation will explore the legacy of construction through the use of materials such as: iron, steel, wood, concrete and bronze. Michael’s interest lies in how the familiar and the mundane can be captured sculpturally.

Traditionally, the mould was often seen as the thing that was closest to the idea and in ancient Greece was thought of as something that gave shape and form to sensuous data. A copy is a form of an echo. To see the copy is to know that an original exists.

The work in this exhibition responds to notions of replication and in particular the processes of moulding and casting that enable such repetition and reproduction. I am interested in this notion of copying and in particular what the original is and the copy becomes. - Michael O'Hara

Opening Reception: Friday 28th October 7 - 9 pm

All Welcome!

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