'The Nothing of Everything'

A mixed media Exhibition by Fiona Carey.

Monday 9th October – Sunday 22nd October.

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by mixed media artist Fiona Carey.

For thousands of years, Kabbalah (a Jewish mystic religion) has been based on a fundamental contradiction; that God or ‘Ein Sof' exists in all things, and yet is ultimately unknowable. As scientific research advances into the future, at the level of quantum theory, we also find inherent contradictions; that sub-atomic particles can behave in seemingly impossible ways, and that there are fundamental limits to our ability to know something for certain.

Kabbalah teaches that God is all-permeating, and is the nothingness within everything. Meanwhile, science shows that matter - that which to us seems so concrete & so real - is mostly empty space, subject to the paradoxical laws of quantum mechanics.

This body of work explores not the opposing – seemingly incompatible – views of science, religion, theology, and spirituality, but the areas where they intersect and overlap. This exhibition consists of two bodies of work; drawings and watercolours, and encaustic paintings

Opening Reception: Sunday 15th October 3 - 5 pm

We would love to see you there!

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