'Travelling Resident '

Exhibition of Mixed Media by llona Doufrain-Madden
llona Doufrain-Madden's image llona Doufrain-Madden's image llona Doufrain-Madden's imagellona Doufrain-Madden's image

From Tuesday 27th March to Sunday 8th April 2012

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition by llona Doufrain-Madden.  Ilona   has a B.A in Fine Art from the Dunlaoghaire Institute for Art & Design.  She has participated in many group exhibitions such as, Art Works Gallery in Naas, Greystones Arts Festival and ‘Expose Yourself’ Gallery, as well as, County Hall in Dun Laoghaire.  This will be her second solo exhibition to be showcased in Signal.


As a tour guide she constantly conveys her interpretation of heritage sites and landscape to her tourists and she is very much aware that this will influence the way they in turn interpret these and how and see this country.


In 2006 Ilona decided to use her work as a tour guide as a subject matter for her art and has since then collected hundreds of photographs and sketches from her tours. This resulted in a “travel diary” showing each night she stayed in various hotels around the island together with small art work or sketches and some thoughts about that day. She gives us a very personal insight into thoughts on travelling, work, art, creativity, photography, gathering memories etc.


One part of the show relates to the typical “photo stops” of which there are surprisingly few in Ireland and where all the tours would regularly stop allowing hundreds of people to take a photograph of the same place every day. Yet, despite that, every person will take home a different memory of that place or holiday.  When the people have left, the places look and remain the same – ready for the next group of tourists. Ilona explores the relationship between photographs and memories in a series of pictures taken of people at those typical photo stops while they themselves are taking photographs. Ilona then combines these with acrylic painting.

The other part of her work relates to the hotels she stays in. She examines the issue of sterile, impersonal and repetitive hotel rooms which at the same time become her “home” and her refuge of privacy while she stays there.


The third part of the show is a series of abstract paintings that are loosely based on some of the cheap, mass produced abstract art work that is often displayed in hotel rooms.

Opening Reception: Friday 30th March 2012 7pm 9pm