Exhibition of work by St. Philomena's / Ravenswell and St. Thomas Community College.
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From Tuesday 5th June to Sunday 17th June

This exhibition is a collaboration of two student groups, one primary school group, 4th and 5th class from St. Philomena's / Ravenswell and a secondary school group, 1st - 3rd year students from St. Thomas Community College.


Though both groups are quite separate and the work content of each group is very different, they both fall under the banner and funding of the School Completion Programme. Over the past 5/6 years, Signal Arts centre has built up a relationship with the SCP, originally through Ronan McCool and now with Michelle Kavanagh at the helm and on this particular project with the assistance of Ciara and Niamh.


During the past year the students from Ravenswell have been taking drawing classes once a week and the students from St. Thomas have been taking graffiti class once a week, both with Greg Murray from Signal Arts Centre. This exhibition gives a great opportunity to both groups to display some of their work in an exhibition space and invite friends and family to come along and enjoy their artistic endeavours.

Opening Reception: Saturday 9th June 3-5pm