'Hidden Beauty'

 An Exhibition of Ceramics and Mixed Media by Frances Brosnan
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From Tuesday 9th October to Sunday 21st October


Signal Arts Centre is delighted to announce an exhibition of new work by Frances Brosnan.

'Hidden Beauty' is an exhibition based on a visual response to a series of photographs taken through a microscope. Slides of plant cells were placed under the microscope and then photographed. The works in this exhibition are an interpretation of these images using ceramics and mixed media.

Scientific equipment has given us the opportunity to explore the hidden beauty and mystery of plant cells. With the aid of a microscope the hidden minute structures of plant cells can be exposed to reveal a world of great beauty and complexity.

The intention was not to 'reproduce' what was viewed under the microscope as the artist believes the beauty and complexity of nature cannot be replicated. The artist's love of texture and colour was a major factor in her interpretation of these images.

Opening Reception: Friday 12th October, 7-9pm