Vintage Photographic Portraits



Step Back in Time...

Fundraiser for Signal Arts Centre.


This year Signal Arts Centre will be stepping back in time to create a vintage portraits in full costume on our old style set.


If you're looking for a fun gift or even just a way to pass the time come on down from July 30th - August 12th. We'll provide you with a selection of outfits to chose from and plenty of help to get ready. Then you and yours can come on down to the set for your one off classic portrait.


Each print costs only 20 and extra prints are available at 8 each.


Remember though booking is essential so that we can make sure you have the full range of costumes to choose from and plenty of time to get ready for vintage fun!


Traditional family or individual portraits as well as children's photos are available at the same price!


Book here: info@signalartscentre.ie


Denis Dunne holds a BA (Hons) in Photography from DIT. Over the past 15 years, he has developed his passion for people and photography. What makes his style so special is every photograph he takes is about the collaboration between him and his subject. His images have been described as fun, refreshing, energetic, hauntingly beautiful, edgy, thought-provoking, truly original and absolutely stunning.

For more information: www.shinedenis.com