'Passing Through'

Event Exhibition by Hilary Williams

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From Tuesday 31st January to Sunday 12th February 2012

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present a multimedia presentation solo show by Artist Hilary Williams.

'Passing through' is the work of Artist Hilary Williams who did a performance artist piece which will culminate in a solo exhibition in the Signal Arts Centre Bray The concept behind the show is the idea of 'Passing through life.

This show will be the results of site specific work on The Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones. The walk was held on the 16th October, Sunday 2011. This was documented by the artist and will be seen in the exhibition space.

Her work is autobiographical with a Beckett like "every woman" inclusion. Passing Through will be an exhibition around the continuous movements of body, image and memory as we all pass through life. As a performance artist Hilary uses her body as a primary source material for the investigating qualities and dimensions of commitment.

The collection of work in this show transcends fixed notions of Contemporary Art Presentation. The show in the Signal will be an edited selection of the walk as well as other forms of installations including albums, sculptures and dealing with various aspects of the artist's passing through life.

Opening Reception: Sunday 5th February 35pm