'Black & White Square '

An Exhibition of Photographs by Jan Freiberger

Jan Freiberger's image Jan Freiberger's image Jan Freiberger's image

From Tuesday 19th June to Sunday 1st July 2012

Signal Arts Centre would like to announce its first solo exhibition by Jan Freiberger. Jan is Czech born, self taught photographer, printmaker and experimental artist who has lived in Bray for the last five years.


For this exhibition, Jan will exhibit a number of large format photographs, mainly portraits and human body close-ups. He experiments with face and body-painting, using a contrast of black and white colour, graphic shapes and symbols.


Jan sees the human face and body as a canvas. He aims to create the minimalistic feeling in this exhibition, using exclusively black and white. It's based on Jan's fascination by the human face and body features.


Opening Reception: Friday 22nd June 7-9pm