'Emotional Fish'

An Exhibition of paintings by John Cullen
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From Tuesday 10th September to Sunday 23rd September

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present Emotional Fish an exhibition of recent paintings by John Cullen. He works and lives in Sligo and is currently based in a studio at Model Arts Centre, Sligo. John graduated with a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art from Sligo I.T and has exhibited in solo and group shows. He works in paint, mixed media and printmaking.

John's current body of work is based on the theme of fish. In his paintings he tries not to be too descriptive, rather he captures something of the 'fishiness' of fish their bony, scaly, fleshiness and a sense of the 'other worldliness' of marine existence.

JStarting with an initial image as a 'template' the painting becomes very process-based, using a combination of aqueous dispersions, industrial paint, and oil colours. At some point the painting moves from being 'about' an image, and becomes about the paint, colour and surface, eventually arriving at something approximating 'fishiness'.

Open Culture Night: Friday 21st September, 79pm