'The Matter of Things'

An exhibition of work by Sylvia Callan

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From Tuesday 3rd January to Sunday 15th January 2012

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition by Sylvia Callan. Sylvia is a Bray based artist with a studio practice. She graduated from IADT with a Diploma in Fine Art and BA (Honours) in Production and Art Direction.

A series of works consisting of drawings and painting, this exhibition investigates the underlying structure in form using still life as a starting point. The paintings and drawings follow a journey of colour and texture through the mediums of oil and mixed media that explore the subject. There by breaking down the subject matter to reveal the inner being from abstract to geometric form.

Callan finds the spirituality that exists within art very inspiring especially how images can impact at a deep level thereby bringing an added element to the experience. Also, she has a great fascination with ordinary, everyday objects and with the visual value that they hold. From these notions she investigates and the subject matter and brings it together in mediums that range from oil, mixed media and digital media.

Opening Reception: Friday 6th January 7pm- 9pm