'Ten Ladies '

An Exhibition by St. Fergal's Art Group

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From Tuesday 22nd May to Sunday 3rd June

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to host an exhibition by St. Fergal's Resource Centre Art Group. St Fergal's is a group of ten ladies who live in the Bray area. The ladies come together each Thursday night for two hours. The group have been together for almost twenty years, so there is a high quality to the work they produce. Some ladies have been practising for years, while other ladies are relatively new to the experience.


The majority of the work is landscape based, some of which are scenes of Bray. Other themes of interest are flowers, seascapes and figurative work. All the paintings have been created using oils. Some of the work lends itself to the impressionist style, while others are of a more classical nature. The themes have been chosen by the ladies themselves, their ideas come from memories, dreams etc, that have a certain resonance and individual appeal on a personal level.

Opening Reception: Friday 25th May 7pm 9pm