A Group Exhibition of Mixed Media
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From Tuesday 14th August to 26th August

Signal is please to present an exhibition by four artists, interested in integrating their varied practises and backgrounds towards the exploration of a shared theme. Tracing remnants from the past using a variety of mediums. Each of them has approached the theme from an individual starting point reflecting physical or historic realities and personal or shared interests in the imaging of evidence.

“After all one’s art is not the chief end of life, but an accident in one’s search for reality; or rather perhaps ones method of search.”

(W.B. Yeats to Ezra Pound….   15 / 7 / 1918)


Mary Brady uses textiles, prints and mixed media, her work is based on the traces of people left behind in worn clothing and old faded photographs and the memories and feelings they evoke.

Pauline Crothers, from Belfast uses textiles to reflect the timeless art of Newgrange. Her work celebrates her mothers influence, dedication and Irishness.

For Lynne Foster Fitzgerald, 'Traces' represents an indication of existence or occurrence of something. This resonates with her process based practice.

Biddy Scott, originally from Belfast draws on insignificant 'Traces' of past presence…. feathers, shells and found artefacts suggest lost events of growth and forming……..stilled to a drawn line.

Opening Reception: Sunday 19th August 3pm – 5pm