Aspects Of Bray

An Exhibition by Aideen Griffin

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Tuesday the 29th September to Sunday 12th October 2014

AIDEEN GRIFFIN returns to the Signal Art Centre from Tuesday the 29th September to Sunday 12th October 2014 for her second show of new work, which has deepened and expanded in breath and content.
The artist’s voice in Aideen is distinctive in its luminosity; her use of colour is instantly recognisable.
Of her own development as an artist Aideen has this to say;
“Painting is where I feel most connected to myself, who I am.  I usually work in oil, but more recently I have been exploring acrylic and water colour.  I choose Bray as my subject as this is where I have lived for most of my life.   I pass and observe most of the places I paint, regularly on my walks.  It gives me a sense of wholeness and connection to paint these places, an appreciation of what is my home. 
I love to paint quietly on my own out of doors – this is important to me.  I experience a palpable sense of connection, a feel for a place – an opportunity to experience the mood, how the light falls.  I find myself resonating with what first attracted my attention.  Being very much an outdoor person, there is a joy and an enthusiasm in the process.”

Aideen’s first exhibition in 2006 was a huge success, celebrated and greatly enjoyed by many.
This, her latest exhibition at the Signal, on 29th September to the 12th October 2014, promises a unique visual experience, and a delightful pleasure.



Opening Reception: Friday 3rd October 7-9pm