‘ALIVE & KICKING, Memories’

International Art Exhibition

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Tuesday 8th September – Sunday 14th September 2014

The ability of the mind to store and recall past sensations - Collins Dictionary.

This is an International Art exhibition of invited artists this exhibition is a direct follow-on from the success of earlier exhibitions ‘Kick up the Arte parts 1 and 2 .

Each artist was set a challenge to create a piece of art in any medium based around the concept of memories.

All the selected artists have one thing in common in that they all have a passion for participatory engagements with other artists while also cementing friendship.


Each artist was set a challenge to create a piece of art in any 2d medium following the brief ‘memories by Tony Clarke all the work on show has never been exhibited before and will include drawing painting print mixed media poetry and graphic design.

The impetus of the exhibition is to create a natural meeting point for artists from different backgrounds. The curator and exhibiting artist Tony Clarke is from an interdisciplinary background most notably the Jingobox fashion brand .

The exhibition runs for only one week and the opening reception will feature live music from the Jingobox band and friends while also including culture night 2014 also on the same night at the Signal arts centre.


Artists confirmed for this exhibition include,

Tony Clarke artist Bray Ireland
Valentina L’Abbate artist-model from Florence Italy
Kalian lo photographer from France
Martine Muller photographer from France 
Roberta Fiano artist / teacher from San Servero Italy
Luke Christoffersen artist from Denmark
Daniele Bongiovanni artist from Sicily
John Paul Cline artist from Mexico
Helen Ingram artist/poet from UK
Michele Grimaldi artist / graphic designer from Foggia Italy
Barbara Heinrish performance artist from Frankfurt Germany
Annarita D’Anolfo artist / teacher from Latina Italy
Eve Howlett artist / fashion designer from Bath UK
Maria Grazia De Rosa artist / teacher from Foggia Italy
Kirsten Kester artist from Denmark
Marzia Palisi artist / musician from Latina Italy
Joanie Debus artist from California USA
Lucia De Santis artist / teacher from Lucera Italy
Nella Alao artist from Portugal
Adolfo Bigioni artist/teacher from Latina Italy
Elena Ramos artist / singer from Salamanca Spain
Luca Mogdigliani Painter Sardinia
Katie Phiffer artist / fashion designer from San Francisco USA

Artists continued:

Kitkat O’Donahue Painter Kerry Ireland
Liam Kelly Sculptor from Achill Island Ireland
Antonio Conchos from Alicante Spain
Loraine Cross mixed media Ireland
Jacob Munch Painter from Sweden.


In conjunction with Roberta Fiano and Aradia arte management Italy


For more information about this event and future events contact Tony Clarke
Email tonyclarkeperforms@eircom.net
Or Facebook tonyclarkearts@gmail.com.



Opening Reception: Thursday 4th September, 7-9pm