‘The Way We Art ’

Bray Artists’ Circle
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Tuesday 4th March – Sunday 16th March 2014

Just as an author uses a full stop to catch a thought, likewise a painting can represent the end of a mysterious and unique personal journey taken by the artist. It is of a time, a place, an experience, a memory. This can be a private process for some, but the sense of being able to share the journey is what has brought members of the Bray Artists' Circle together every week since 2003. Each pursues their own style, technique, medium and subject matter in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, sharing with friends the progress they have made over the week. The group of thirty plus members vary in age, experience and skill, but the enjoyment and learning within the group brings the members back again and again. Many have showcased and sold their work, but that is not the motivation. Sharing time and ideas is what generates the enthusiasm of the novice and professional artist members alike.

Ever innovative and eager to learn, the group holds two workshops per year which are run by guest artists! This is a very important part of the Bray Artists' Circle agenda as it enables the members to work alongside professional artists. They see not just the special techniques used but more importantly the get an insight into the philosophy that underpins the work of the guest tutor. Having the opportunity to exhibit in Signal has presented another target for the group. Knowing that the public will have the opportunity to view and discuss their work will challenge the members to define where their art comes from and what it represents about who they are.


Another part of the artist's journey!

Bray Artists' Circle meet in St. Cronan's B.N.S., on the Vevay Road every Monday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Opening Reception: Friday 7th February, 7-9pm