An Exhibition by Brigitta Varadi

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Tuesday the 14th October to Sunday 26th October 2014

The interpretation of art has always been deeply personal and is dependent on our
memories, upbringing and life experiences. Leitrim artist Brigitta Varadi's latest exhibition
entitled 'EXIT', addresses directly how art is interpreted by each of us .


A renowned artist, her current work uses wool and features a new twist on the famous 'ink block' tests.
"I am exploring the interpretive possibilities for the concept within the Rorschach test,
as the test elicits no single “correct” answer."


Brigitta explains, "It is designed to reveal a person’s interpretive and perceptive abilities.

Inkblots were used before by psychologists other than Rorschach for creativity tests with the aim

of studying imagination and consciousness. I am at present examining how our thinking

and our emotional responses are conditioned by our physical environment, by our upbringing,

by what our parents and others tell us."

Hungarian born, Brigitta has made her home in the beautiful iron mountains in South
Leitrim. It is a landscape which continually informs and inspires her work. She exhibits
internationally and her work is found in many private and public collections across Europe
and USA. The distinctive wall piece which graces the main atrium at the Office of Public
Works in Athlone is typical of the site specific installations for which Brigitta is known.


In2008 the President, Mary McAleese acknowledged her contribution to the arts in Ireland.
In January 2014, Brigitta was selected for a 3 moths Art Residency at the New York Art
Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation, Brooklyn, New York and here she began to work
on the concept and the initial works for this new and exciting exhibition. The Residency was
supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, by Leitrim County Council and by Fundit.

"During my time in New York, I worked with 11 other artists and the residency proved to be a
great intellectual platform providing the opportunity for creative engagement." I met artists
there, who influenced the way I approach my own practice, others who shared a common
language with me but expressed it through different mediums. After my return from the U.S.,
I started to extend the body of work and to create an exhibition. I liked the idea of combining
the inkblots with the blanket-like texture of wool, as it gave a different type of sensation for
the blots and encourages a different type of interaction between the viewer and the work."
The pieces for this exhibition are black and white and large scale, which will, she feels,
allow a different kind, a more intimate and sensual interaction between the viewer and the

EXIT opens at the Signal Arts Center, Bray,
Tuesday 14th October - Sunday 26th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 16th October

Phone : 089-9564187



Opening Reception: Thursday 16th October