‘A Year At My Back Door’

A photography exhibition by Ciara Brehony

Ciara Brehony Image Ciara Brehony Image

Tuesday 27th May – Sunday 8th June 2014

Ciara Brehony recently moved from Kilcoole to Bray, Co. Wicklow, from where she now works and writes. She studied Ceramics and Sculpture in IADT, however, since then has worked exclusively in the area of textiles and photography, as well as writing.

As well as completing a number of private commissions, she has also shown in a number of group shows, including with the Irish and Northern Irish Guild of Embroiderers.

Over the last 17 years, in particular, both her writing and her photographic work has been largely influenced by her environment, in particular the marshland and beach area of Ballydonarea in Kicoole, and how they are constantly transformed and reshaped by the seasons and changing weather.

‘The Year At My Back Door’ is Ciara’s first solo exhibition. Between 2008 and 2013, almost daily, she took photographs of the view from Kilcoole beach towards the Sugarloaf, cataloguing the changing seasons, skies and weather. The show is a sample of that body of hundreds of photographs.

Ciara says of her work, “Rather than any one photograph, or even the technical proficiency of the photographs, this project is about the scale, about the getting out there and recording it as many days as possible. It became like an archive of the turning year, the different weather conditions, the birds coming and going, the reeds in the marsh dying back each autumn, then greening up to fullness again over the summer. The vast differences in the sky, in particular, I found awe-inspiring. A huge factor in this project is the idea of taking something familiar, and therefore something one has grown accustomed to, and looking at it with new eyes, every day. I hope to convey this to the viewers, and inspire them to do the same.”


Opening Reception: Thursday 29th May, 7-9pm