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"What Lies Beneath"

An Exhibition of works by Colette O’Brien

Collette O' Brien Images Collette O' Brien Images Collette O' Brien Images

From Monday 21st July - Sunday 3rd August 2014

Signal Arts Centre is excited to present artist Colette O’Brien to their gallery.

This exhibition explores the magical and fascinating world of the coral reef and marine life with a series of oil paintings, mosaics made with handmade Venetian Smalti, and sculpture that are highly colourful and detailed in imagery in a sea of fluid and luminous layering of colour, the colour blue establishes a dream like surreal quality suggesting notions of calmness and familiar territory with a strong emphasis on mysticism and nature, it fuses the realms of the real with the imaginary.

In creating a painting her technique involves two distinct stages, the first being completely spontaneous using a dark base then wiping with a dry cloth to create highlights; the other being attention to the finest of detail. Colette’s primary diverse influences are first and foremost everything she sees, feels and experiences in life. Liking to incorporate many different styles, mediums and techniques she also includes late limestone and Carrara marble with dazzling Smalti tiles.


Opening Reception: Friday 25th July, 7-9 pm