Creative Evolution

An Exhibition of works by Fiona O’Hara

Fiona O'Hara Images Fiona O'Hara Images Fiona O'Hara Images

Monday 18th – Sunday 31st August 2014

Creative Evolution is an inquiry asking the question “how much of creativity is genetic?”

Fiona O’Hara has approached this new body of work as arts based research asking what modern science has discovered about creativity and evolution. Fiona begins with Darwin’s investigations of natural selection and works her way through the fields of genetics, neuroscience, psychology and the new field of neuroaesthetics, exploring this data through her art making. She uses herself as research subject in a genetic self portrait; having her genome mapped and investigating the environmental factors that have contributed to her working process as an artist. Fiona uses a variety of media encompassing a range of influences from her own background; textiles, print, drawing, installation etc which has evolved into a love of mixed media.

In Ireland the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) did likewise and over the years others have developed such as E.V.A., Claremorris, Oireachtas, Living Art, Iontas etc. These exhibitions provide an opportunity for artists to come together as a community to show and sell their work and provide the public with an eclectic insight into what’s happening in the arts both locally and nationally.

Fiona O'Hara trained in Fine art in D.I.T Dublin which taught her the language of visual art. She studied Art Therapy, in Queens, Belfast, distilling an understanding of the power of the emotion that can be expressed through art and a curiosity for science which has become an armature for her most recent work. Fiona writes a blog documenting her studio process and art enquiry. Her email is:


Opening Reception: Friday 22nd August, 7-9 pm