An Exhibition of works by Josephine Geaney

Josephine Geaney Image Josephine Geaney Image Josephine Geaney Image

Tuesday 1st April - Sunday13th April 2014

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition by Josephine Geaney.

Her exhibition consists of paintings and bog oak sculptures of boats, decayed canvas and ashes symbolizing a life journey to imagined and real worlds.

She says, "Art is the essence of who I am; therefore my work is autobiographical, allowing the viewer into my unconscious world of memory, experience and curiosity.

I work with many mediums, such as digital imagery, sculpture, print and mixed media. My critical engagement is with paint, pushing its possibilities, constantly experimenting with new techniques and outcomes, therefore my process varies from sanding away and adding layers of paint, blurring or over painting the image, manipulating the paint in order to capture light conveying my intended sense of atmosphere and mystery.

I process my work over and over again creating transparency and fading of the image to draw the viewer into the work, challenging them to look closely in order to add their own narrative and emotion to it.

The subject matter of my work varies from landscapes to figurative, using boundaries to express emotion, mood and narrative. My paintings are realistic and yet abstract. I like to play with the idea of the visible and invisible, the real and unreal.

Previous Exhibitions entitled ‘Crossing the Divide’ and ‘Into the Abyss’ featured windows as a metaphor for isolation and visible/invisible boundaries between different dimensions.

My current work features sculptures made from bog oak, printed decayed canvas, and ashes, accompanied by paintings using images of boats crossing through boundaries to approach new partially visible dimensions. The idea behind this work is my curiosity of the life cycle and the life/death journey representing the fragmented and vulnerable state of the human condition.

My work has been described as thought provoking, emotional and mystical."

Opening Reception: Friday 4th April, 7-9pm