‘Terrible Beauty’

An Exhibition of works by Lynne Foster-Fitzgerald

Lynne Foster Image Lynne Foster Image Lynne Foster Image

10th June – 22nd June 2014

This body of work marks a new departure for Lynne Foster Fitzgerald. Previous concerns for process-driven work, utilising the metaphorical properties of materials, marks and surfaces, integration and transformation, have given way to re-claiming representation.

The impetus for this exhibition comes from a long held desire to honour found images that have caught the artist’s eye and heart. By hand-colouring dry point etching plates on acetate and utilising a printing technique but not the resultant multiple prints, she lovingly restores individuality and uniqueness to those whose images have been reproduced extensively. These portraits, from around the world, remind us of our common humanity. The Irish landscapes relate to our inter-dependency on this shared planet. These are painted in egg tempera on gesso boards and finished with beeswax. The tools of the icon maker were chosen to echo the endurance and resilience of Earth, and because Nature’s beauty speaks too and sustains the soul.

Lynne Foster Fitzgerald lives and works in Wicklow. Initially trained as an art teacher at N.C.A.D., she received first class honours in Fine Art from D.I.T. 2006. For the past 20 years she has exhibited in many solo, invited and juried group shows and is currently represented by the Nicholas Gallery, Belfast.


Opening Reception: Thursday 12th June, 7-9 pm