An Exhibition of paintings by Sofia Bury
sofia bury sofia bury sofia bury

Tues 4th February – Sunday 16th February 2014

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition by local artist Sofia Bury.

Signal Arts Centre is proud to present an exhibition of works by Sofia Bury who has been painting for approximately 30 years. During that period she has moved from realism to more abstract work seeking to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas rather than portray external realities.

Having an interest in comparative religions, the meditational aspects of Christianity and Buddhism particularly attract her. Sofia’s interest in Zen leads her to seek to paint with an immediacy and vibrancy as she seeks to capture the richness of the ‘now’.

Many of her paintings show the moon representing feminine mystery and a watchful eye viewing from the heavens. At its most profound it is a symbol of the divine presence. Also using the symbol of the sun, it likewise symbolises a watchful eye, but without the attendant depth.


Sofia’s paintings reflect her creative response on an intuitive level to the world around her. She takes no photographs and does not sketch, but rather allows each painting to evolve from a fragment of colour and inner memory. Her paintings are in collections in Canada, USA, Australia, England, Ireland and the Isle of Wight.


Opening Reception: Thursday 6th February, 7-9pm