A Ceramic & Glass Exhibition by Michele Hannan and Mide Quinlan-Reddin

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Monday 25th May – Sunday 7th June 2015

A shared passion for the environment led two artists, Michele Hannan and Mide Quinlan-Reddin, to collaborate for this ceramic and glass exhibition, ‘Ebb & Flow’.


Michele Hannan graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 1992 with a BA (Hons) degree in Ceramic Design. She works form her studio in Dublin and has exhibited in galleries throughout Ireland. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Hunt Museum, Crafts Council Gallery, Sculpture in Context and Mill Cove Galleries.
Her ceramics are characterised by harmony of form, colour and surface. Drawing their inspiration from the simple forms found in nature and the abstracted rhythmical patterns created by the sea, the pieces evoke fluidity and simplicity. The work is hand built using stoneware or porcelain clay and decorated using a combination of layering glazes, slips and a fusion of glass with the ceramic. The merging and blending of these different elements in the firing process creates a uniqueness and adds a richness to the form. Her wall pieces incorporate a number of surface treatments and techniques such as sgraffito and enamel transfers which bring the ceramic surface to life.

Míde Quinlan-Reddin has worked in clay for over 40 years from her studio in Bray, Co. Wicklow. She trained in Ireland, France and Scotland and gained her BA in Ceramic Design from the Glasgow School of Art.  Her work has been exhibited in juried and non juried shows in galleries throughout Ireland and the UK in both solo and group  exhibitions.
She draws inspiration from the texture and colour in her surrounding environment. The coastal landscape and mountains being a major element, her organic shapes attempt to capture the ebb and flow of water, transposing these into ceramic and glass forms.   Her work is thrown or cast using porcelain and stoneware clays and glass is fused and cast. The relationship between transparency and opacity is reflected in her colourful sculptural glass forms. Her ceramic urchins are cast using many layers of coloured slip, which are then etched, while others are decorated with terra sigillata and are then post fired in a reduction chamber.
Although both artists are similarly inspired and use the same materials their work is complimentary yet different, thus promising a diverse and stimulating exhibition.

Opening Reception: Friday 29th May 7-9 pm