‘Jewelled Wasteland’


Exhibition of works by Kathrine Geoghegan

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Monday 30th March – Sunday 12th April 2015

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by talented artist Kathrine Geoghegan.


The importance of nature and habitat has informed Geoghegan’s newest body of work.  She has developed a process using organic materials such as native grasses, foliage and plants working together with acrylic spray paint.

Geoghegan is fascinated by the ingenuity of plants – how they find a foothold in the most inhospitable of places.  Plants will take opportunities to colonise urban spaces, to run riot in a derelict site, or to put down roots in the smallest pinhead of space on a window frame or a concrete ledge.


Using the organic material as stencils, building up the image and colours layer by layer, the paintings that result are both vibrant and delicate, reflecting the nature of these plants. Using plants that many would regard as weeds – Ragwort, Dock and Buttercup, the pieces are not botanical studies, but rather impressionist responses to the shapes, colours and even scents of the natural world.

Opening Reception: Thursday 2nd April 2015, 7-9pm