‘Paintings in the third degree


Exhibition of works by Kevin Ryan

Ryan Image Ryan Image Ryan Image

Monday 11th – Sunday 24th May 2015

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by Wexford based artist Kevin Ryan.


This current painting exhibition concerns the influence of the mediated image, and how we see and understand our world through such images.  The work consists of a series of portraits based on pictures taken from newspapers. The portraits are of people who have, either willingly or otherwise appeared in the public realm. In some cases, they have been photographed without their knowledge or consent, in moments of stress or elation and then exposed to public scrutiny.


Printed in newspapers alongside text, these images become the mechanical/mediated representation of the self, used, without the subject’s permission, to promote, inform or sell a story or a particular point of view.


They are not innocent representations of events or people. They have been edited for a purpose and can have a distancing or alienating effect for both the viewer and the subject.


By first of all re-photographing and then painting these images the artist is creating a portrait not of a person but the depiction of a person. A portrait thrice removed in a way - A portrait in the third degree.

Opening Reception: Friday 15th May 2015, 7-9 pm