‘In My Element’


Paintings by Mairead O’ Neill LAHER

Laher Image Laher Image Laher Image

Monday 8th – Sunday 21st June 2015

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by talented artist Mairead O’Neill LAHER.


These paintings endeavour to express what seems inexpressible in any other medium. Being in the landscape for this artist symbolizes freedom. She is drawn back to the same evocative elements in the landscape over and over again.

This work began with research in different landscapes, in Co. Kerry, and in Cape Town, South Africa but the paintings are not geographically specific.  The focus of interest is the constant conflict between land and sea.


The coastline is her source though shifting memory plays a part as well.  The flow and movement of the paint is vital and fundamental in the search for something transcendent, which goes beyond the initial concept.  This artist’s work has been shown in Ireland, Johannesburg,Chicago and New York.  Her work is in corporate and private collections.

Opening Reception: Friday 12th June 7-9 pm