‘Crouching in Newton’s


Michael Geddis

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Monday 27th April – Sunday 10th May 2015

This exhibition, entitled “Crouching in Newton’s Shadow”, features work from emerging artist Michael Geddis. His meticulous drawings express delight in the beautiful complexity of microscopic structures of living things.  Vivid memories from his previous occupation as a veterinary surgeon for over twenty five years enrich his artistic practice.


Geddis graduated in Fine Art from the University of Ulster with first class honours in 2013.  His degree show earned him a National Award for Drawing from the RDS and a Belfast Print Workshop Bursary.  This year he was awarded the Lord Dunleath Memorial Bursary.  He also got Arts Council funding for a microsurgeon’s loupes enabling him to make very detailed tiny drawings. His work was included in the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts 133rd Annual Exhibition.


Crouching in Newton’s Shadow introduces viewers to the beauty of imagined microcellular landscapes.  At first glance, this work appears to simply allude to conventional ecological and philosophical themes like the fragility, beauty and sanctity of life.   However, this familiar discourse merely camouflages a subversive attack on the mythical validity and sufficiency of the dogmatic “scientific gaze”. 

Viewers find themselves immersed in a mysterious and compelling micro-world that invites their curiosity and encourages closer and closer visual inspection.  On detailed examination, apparently toned areas turn out to contain impossibly detailed patterns and structures.  There is also a sense of dynamism engendered by forms and patterns that expand and compress each other like the conflicting ideologies that they represent. 


For more information please contact Signal Arts Centre on (01 276 2039)
Website www.michaelgeddisart.co.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Geddis-Art/123985644478091

Opening Reception: Friday 1st May 7-9 pm