New Ground


An exhibition with Chlo Dowds and Magda Bethani


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Monday 2nd February Sunday 15th February 2015

In this exhibition, entitled “New Ground”, two award-winning ceramicists, Magda Bethani and Chloë Dowds, showcase their new work. Their aim is to celebrate new ideas and fresh beginnings. The exhibition will feature functional ware such as teapots, mugs, jugs, bowls, carafes, and vases as well as one off decorative pieces made to an excellent standard of craftsmanship.


Having both graduated from the Design and Craft Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills and Design Training Course in July 2014, Magda Bethani and Chloë Dowds set up their ceramics practices in Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow.


Bethani enjoys creating functional ware and one-off pieces of high quality. The inspiration for her pots comes from a series of 13th century B.C. pan shaped bronze vessels found in Mycenaean tombs. The intention is the work to carry a sense of these ancient artifacts while at the same time maintaining a contemporary and fresh look.  She often combines other materials with ceramics such as wood, stone and slate. The use of attractive green and blue glazes with smooth matt and glossy finishes is what distinguishes her work.


Dowds aims to make her functional work as tactile as possible. With soft curves and glassy surfaces the hand is invited to touch and hold the work. Her intention is to create a delight within the user, engaging their sense of touch. Her vases are inspired by music, the forms of which are directly influenced by the structure of the saxophone. She uses clean, precise lines juxtaposed with the soft spiral of thrown clay to imitate the vibration of music.


She aims to question pre-conceived ideas about where ceramic objects are placed. This, in turn, increases her sense of play and creativity.

For more information please contact Signal Arts Centre on (01 276 2039). Or visit the artist’s websites at and

Opening Reception: Friday 6th February, 7-9 pm