• Signal Arts Society Submission
    Submissions are open for the Signal Arts Society Show between October 12th and October 25th. Submissions are open to all members of the Signal Arts Society. The deadline for submissions are Friday September 25th by 5pm. You can submit your entries by email at exhibitions@signalartscentre.ie or by […]
  • Kids’ Art Group Exhibition
    Signal Arts Centre is proud to present our Thursday Kids’ Art Group aged 8-12 Online Exhibition, ‘Cosmic Colours’.  For months the kids worked very hard to create a great volume of pieces for a summer exhibition to be held in Signal Arts Centre’s garden but as the circumstances have changed and we are only allowed […]
  • Life Drawing Sessions
    We’re relaunching our Life Drawing sessions again and have some places available. It runs from the 25th of August to September 29th for a total of 6 weeks. Every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 10pm. It costs 75 euro for the full block. Signal Arts provides the […]
  • Signal Open 2020 Exhibiting Artists
    A view of all our pieces on show for the Signal Open 2020. Thank you to all the amazing artists on show!
  • Online Payment Facility
    We’re also delighted to announce that we have partnered up with Easy Payments Plus to offer online payment for submissions, Signal membership and hiring of facilities within Signal. PAYMENT Click on the Easy Payments Plus Button Above or this link The first time you use the system […]
  • Re-opening 20th July
    We’re happy to announce that Signal Arts Centre is reopen to the public from today. The first show back is Ray Corcoran’s show ‘Ordinary People and Extraordinary People’. We are however making some changes to how we operate when we come back. Firstly there will be no […]
  • Website Update
    Update and Information about the new Website
  • Closed until 19th April Due to COVID-19
    Hope you’re keeping well and staying safe! Just to provide a further update and to confirm that we will continue to remain closed until at least April 19th in accordance with Government and HSE guidelines.
  • Culture Night 2019
    This year we at Signal Arts Centre wanted to focus on the importance of nature conservation and recycling and on how these things affect climate change. In the last couple of years, the predictions of the future state of our planet have been quite grim and we […]
  • Signal Open 2019
    Congratulations to the 2019 Winner Laurence O’Toole. Please find below some thoughts from the artist. Well firstly, I was not expecting to win the best in show prize as there were many strong pieces in the show. I have noticed that the level of work submitted to […]
  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2019
    Signal Art Centre’s preparation for this year’s St. Patrick’s day parade was a real team effort, and in addition to the Signal Arts staff working very hard making the centrepieces for the float and the costumes, we also collaborated with many other organisations, including, Little Bray Family […]
  • Culture Night 2018
    On the 21st of September 2018 hundreds of different venues all around Ireland celebrated the 13th annual Culture Night, bringing together people of different age groups and backgrounds to enjoy and cherish all different forms of arts, ranging from visual arts to music, from dance to poetry, […]
  • Signal Open 2018
    It was a fine honour to be awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the Signal Annual Open Exhibition 2018. It came as quite a surprise when I heard my name being called out, partly because I was at the back of the room out of eyeline of the […]
  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2018
    Some photographs from Saint Patrick’s Day 2018 and our viking theme.
  • Culture Night 2017
    Some highlights from our Culture Night 2017
  • Signal Open 2017
    Congratulations to the winner of the Signal Open 2017 Dianne Whyte, some words from the artist below. I am a photographic artist living in Dublin. Initially from a design background I decided to take up photography after having my second child, initially as a hobby but then […]
  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2017
    Some highlights from our Saint Patrick’s Day Festival 2017.
  • Culture Night 2016
    Some highlights from Culture Night 2016
  • Signal Open 2016
    Congratulations to Signal Open 2016 Winner Irina Kuksova, some words from the artist below… “I knew about ‘Signal Open’ since it started in 2013, but it took me 4 years to submit one and only piece a few days short of the deadline. The artwork is a […]
  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2016
    An appropriately coloured purple truck supplied by Greenstar arrived at 10.00am sharp; at that stage the staff artists were already working hard at assembling all the artwork that had been created for the float over the previous weeks. As the gallery space piled higher and higher with […]
  • Culture Night 2015
    Beginning at 10.00am the Signal Arts Staff congregated and began the preparation for our much planned and anticipated Culture Night event ‘Scarecrow Invasion’. Over a quick slice of the infamous Kelly’s apple tart and a cup of tea, we made our final decisions for the display of […]
  • Signal Open 2015
    Congratulations to Signal Open winner Brian Manning for his piece, ‘Drowning out the Imp of the Perverse’
  • Saint Patrick’s Day 2015
    Some highlights from Saint Patrick’s Day 2015