'Earthly Light'

by Trish Kavanagh

Friday 4th January - Saturday 19th January

'Textile Works'

by Natalie Connoly & Fiona Farrell

Tuesday 22nd January - Saturday 2nd February

'Exhibition Title Unknown'

by Mitzi Seavers

Monday 4th February - Monday 18th February

'Childrens Art'

by Sunbeam House

Date Unknown

'Meitheal 2'

by Signal Artists

Date Unknown

'Stop Gap'

by Joycelyn Braddell

Tuesday 2nd April - Wednesday 17th April

'Adult Education'

Artist Unknown

Dates Unknown

Exhibition Title Unknown

Niamh Harding-Miller

Friday 19th April - Saturday 4th May

Wood Sculpture

Silvan Delaney

Monday 6th May - Monday 20th May

'From The Lighthouse'

 by Beth Lazoe Ridgell

Monday 3rd August

'Retrospective '

 by Graham Knuttel


'Title Unknown'

 Dalene Knight

Exhibition Ending 20th September


 by Eimear O'Connor

Monday 21st September - Saturday 3rd October

'Out Of Order'

 by Sylvian Delaney

Monday 5th October - Sunday 25th October


 by Fiachra McAllister

Tuesday 27th October - Saturday 31st October

' Six on the Wall'

 by Sharon, Conor, Noel, etc

Monday 16th November Monday 30th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 31st August

'December in Signal'

 by Irish Porcelaine Artists & Niamh Harding Miller

Tuesday 1st December Saturday 12th December

'Different Strokes'

 by Kadler & Ray

Late December