'We Will Walk in Fields of Gold'

 by Fiona Flynn

Tuesday 11th December 2001- Saturday 12th Jan
Opening Reception: Friday 14th December 2001


by Stephen Delaney

Tuesday 15th January - Saturday 26th January
Opening Reception: Tuesday 15th January

'Visual Echoes'

by Solas Art

Tuesday 29th January - Saturday 9th February
Opening Reception: Friday 1st February

'The Natural and the Social'

 by Dochas Learning Centre

Tuesday 12th February - Saturday 23rd February Opening Reception: Tuesday 19th February

'The Sweet Starlet'

 by Sheila McCarron

Tuesday 26th February - Saturday 9th March
Opening Reception: Friday 1st March


by Nora Maycock

Tuesday 12th March - Thursday 28th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 14th March


 by Fíona Ní Chíobháin

Tuesday 9th April - Saturday 20th April
Opening Reception: Friday 12th April


 by Dagmar Drabnet & Eileen Wagner

Tuesday 23rd April - Saturday 4th May
Opening Reception: Friday 26th April

'Thicker than Water'

 by Bernie Laherty

Wednesday 8th May - Saturday 18th May
Opening Reception: Friday 10th May

'A Different Light'

 by Douglas Ross

Tuesday 21st May to Saturday 1st June
Opening Reception: Friday 24th May

'As the Crow Flies'

 by Cliodhna Quinlan

Wednesday 5th June to Saturday 18th June
Opening Reception: Friday 7th June

'Annual Exhibition'

 by Signal Arts Society

Tuesday 18th June - Saturday 29th June
Opening Reception: Sunday 23rd June


 by AKIN

Tuesday 2nd July - Saturday 13th July
Opening Reception: Friday 5th July


 by Dominique van den Broeck

Tuesday 16th July - Saturday 27th July
Opening Reception: Thursday 18th July

'Auto Decay'

 by Conor Caffrey

Tuesday 30th July - Saturday 10th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 1st August

'Ceann Looey'

 by Karl Somers & Paul Maguire

Tuesday 13th August - Saturday 24th August
Opening Reception: Thursday 15th August

'Lucky Charms'

 by Susanne Leutenegger

Tuesday 27th August - Saturday 7th September
Opening Reception: Friday 30th August

'A Matter of Total Indifference'

 by Thomas Delohery

Tuesday 10th September - Saturday 21st September
Opening Reception: Friday 13th September

'ctrl + shift escape'

 by Lee Welch

Tuesday 24th September - Saturday 5th October
Opening Reception: Friday 27th September

'The Three Elements'

 by Alan Doyle, J. Collins & A.N.Other

Tuesday 8th October - Saturday 19th October
Opening Reception: Thursday 10th October

'I See You Now'

 by N.T.D.I (National Training & Development Institute)

Tuesday 22nd October - Saturday 2nd November
Opening Reception: Thursday 24th October

'Dreams and Visions'

 by John McDaid

Tuesday 5th November - Saturday 16th November
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th November

'As na dTonnta… Reaching dry land'

 by Cáit Doyle

Tuesday 19th November - Saturday 30th November
Opening Reception: Friday 22nd November


 by Elaine Mc Farland

Tuesday 3rd December - Friday 13th December
Opening Reception: Friday 6th December

'Inside Out'

 by Teresa Crowley

Tuesday 17th Dec - Saturday 11th Jan 2003
Opening Reception: Friday 20th December