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Coming soon to Signal Arts Centre

Signal Arts Centre host roughly 25 exhibitions a year. We are able to achieve such high standards in our exhibiting through tried and tested methods for hanging and installing with over 20 years experience passed down to our staff who as artist themselves understand the needs of each artist or group who are exhibiting. We pride ourselves on trying to support each artist or group in anyway we can while they show their work. This is why we feel this page is so important to let the art world know when the artist or group are exhibiting at Signal. Here we have randomly selected some exhibitions coming soon to Signal.










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'Waking Up'

Exhibition of works by Michael Connaughton.

Monday 28th August – Sunday 10th September 2017

Guest Speaker: Maeve Murran, Aura Soma and Sanctuary Garristown, Co Dublin

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the artist Michael Connaughton.

Since 1977, at the launch of my first exhibition in the Arcade Gallery in Totnes, Devon following on with group and solo shows in Dudley, R.S.B.A. Birmingham, The Chamber Rooms in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Liberty’s and the Mall Galleries in London, Twelve years of moving, hitching and sharing the last of the sixties I came home quite adulterated and started afresh. I joined the Howth Poetry Workshop, set up Voicefree, a venue for poets and writers, and got into the college of marketing and design in for a diploma which came with an exhibition/diploma in 1985.





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'The Nothing of Everything'

Mixed Media Exhibition of works by Fiona Carey.

Monday 9th October – Sunday 22nd October.

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the artist Fiona Carey.

For thousands of years, Kabbalah (a Jewish mystic religion) has been based on a fundamental contradiction; that God or ‘Ein Sof' exists in all things, and yet is ultimately unknowable. As scientific research advances into the future, at the level of quantum theory, we also find inherent contradictions; that sub-atomic particles can behave in seemingly impossible ways, and that there are fundamental limits to our ability to know something for certain.





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