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Coming soon to Signal Arts Centre

Signal Arts Centre host roughly 25 exhibitions a year. We are able to achieve such high standards in our exhibiting through tried and tested methods for hanging and installing with over 20 years experience passed down to our staff who as artist themselves understand the needs of each artist or group who are exhibiting. We pride ourselves on trying to support each artist or group in anyway we can while they show their work. This is why we feel this page is so important to let the art world know when the artist or group are exhibiting at Signal. Here we have randomly selected some exhibitions coming soon to Signal.










enlightened image 'Enlightened'

Exhibition of works by Zoe McGrath.

Monday 19th February – Sunday 4th March 2018

Signal Arts Centre is extremely pleased to be exhibiting works by Zoe McGrath.

Zoe’s journey into the world of art began as soon as she had the ability to hold a crayon. As a child Zoe would spend hours boldly blending colours together in her own way that felt good. In her experience with the love affair that is art, isn't this what it’s all about; pure self-expression with colour, love and joy?

When Zoe paints, she pours herself into each piece, her process involves dancing around her art studio in oversized ‘painting clothes’ to the music she plays during her DJ gigs (Zoe is also a DJ and has played from House to Techno in clubs and festivals throughout Ireland, the UK and Cyprus since the turn of the Millennium.


She is a deeply passionate soul and when she feels a connection with an image, the magic for her painting begins. These positive feelings of love, joy, excitement, happiness are then translated into the painting she creates (with a little help from the fun & exertion of the dancing in oversized clothes).



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sun image
'Sun Rising - The Power of the Stones'

An Exhibition of works by Erika Tyner.

Monday 5th March - Sunday 18th March 2018

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the Erika Tyner.

Erika is an artist and photographer working from a studio in County Wicklow. Central to her work is the sense that society is progressing technologically at such a speed that we are leaving our folk knowledge and heritage behind. The idea that progress is linear and that we become more knowledgeable and in control of our fate with time could be a myth.

'Sun Rising - The Power of the Stones' celebrates our precious Megalithic Art in the Boyne Valley. These mounds were not just the burial sites of our ancestors, but earlier places of solar alignment and ritual.







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