'A Place Apart'

An Exhibition by Mary Brady, Biddy Scott and Beatrice Stewart

From Tuesday 26th June to Saturday 7th July 2001

Mary Brady works in print, paint and mixed media. Her work for the current show is based on her interest in the garden, which she describes as '.. an enclosed space, shaped by dreams, small, yet having a sense of the infinite.' Her subtle, lyrical, colourful works are, as she says, 'expressive and abstract with roots in reality'.

Biddy Scott works in pen, ink and silver paint. Her images of trees are both powerful and delicate, both real and surreal, with a breathtaking purity of form.

Beatrice Stewart's works are '.. Abstract, but based on and retaining aspects of the representational, and.. resolved in a series.' She too is showing work sourced in plants; the earthen enclosure of planters; the autumnal fullness of apples.

Opening Reception: Tuesday 26th June 7-9pm