'Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder'

An Exhibition of work by ceramic artist Alan Boyle

From Tuesday 27th September to Saturday 8th October 2005

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition of ceramics by Alan Boyle.

Alan qualified as a graphic designer from the College of Marketing & Design in 1986. After working in advertising for several years, Alan studied ceramics at N.C.A.D.

Alan's design background gave him a solid foundation for his future art work, his work has been exhibited in several galleries throughout Ireland, in both solo and group shows.

Alan's influences are very varied; they include ancient Irish history and landscape such as the passage tombs of the Boyne Valley, other ancient cultures from around the world such as Japan and Egypt along with artists like Dali, Klimt and Durer.

Alan says 'I want my work to be attractive and speak for itself, an important part of my work is balance, how one shape balances against another or where one line begins and another ends. Clay is an extremely tactile material and so is the finished piece. The piece should have a harmonious feel without being contrived. Each piece is unique, shaped and carved so that something beautiful is created out of humble clay. I hope you will enjoy the forms and textures of my work as much as their visual impact.'

Opening Reception: Thursday 29th September 7-9pm