‘From Garden To Mountain’

An Exhibition of paintings by Ann McLeod

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Monday 8th – Sunday 21st May 2017

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings by Ann McLeod.

Watercolourist Anne McLeod, who exhibits in the Signal Arts Centre from May 8th to 21st, lives in rural Wexford and draws her themes from her immediate environment.

Her exhibition plots a loose route from her own yard and garden, along laneways with views to the hills and sea, and past ditches with flowers and foliage.

McLeod’s distinctive, award-winning watercolours are charged with a depth of colour not often seen in the medium.

Having started painting in Australia, where light and shade played a vital and defining role in every scene, it is still her aim to breathe life into her work by rendering the deep colours truly deep so that the light shines out by contrast.

The result is a unique idiom of richness and clarity which lifts the heart.

Opening Reception: Friday 12th May 7 – 9 pm

We hope to see you there!