"Sacred Landscapes"

An Exhibition of Paintings by Christine De Paor

Christine Powers Images Christine Powers Images Christine Powers Images

From Tuesday November 20th to Sunday 2nd of December

“The Irish Landscape is full of memory; it holds the ruins and traces of ancient civilization..... It has a secret and silent memory, a narrative of presence where nothing is ever lost or forgotten.”
John O' Donahue Anam Cara

“Sacred landscapes” arouse something deep inside of us; they awaken ancient memories embedded in our collective consciousness and connect us to our true core. When we arrive at such a place we resonate with its energy and its physical presence and experience the memories that the landscape has carried for millions of years.

This body of work is inspired by that “presence” in the landscape. Mark making and layering are used to create a visual language that evokes a sense of presence and embodies “an ancient and silent form of consciousness”. Layers of paint and other mediums are added then scrapped to reveal a complex surface of marks and patterns.

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present the second solo show by artist Christine De Paor. Christine graduated from WIT with a Diploma in Art. Christine has participated in various group shows in both Dublin and Wicklow, including a recent show at Sol Art Gallery.

Opening Reception: Friday 23rd November 7-9pm