'Shades Of Introspection'

An Exhibition of Drawings by Christophe Calleja

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From Tuesday 18th August to Sunday 30th August 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this first exhibition by French artist Christophe Calleja.

Calleja's drawings, which have been noted for their resemblance to classical 'gravure' or classical engravings, have been published in the prominent French literary magazine 'Le Magazine Littéraire'. In his drawings, vibrant colour often belies a sombre mood.

Inspired by such ordinary activities as walking the streets of Paris, spending time in a café or simply watching people, Calleja's work is intuitive, expressing his emotional, impressionistic response to his surroundings.

Calleja, who studied cinema at the Sorbonne in Paris, has been drawing all his life; he recalls, while on summer holidays as a child, how he bartered sketches for ice-cream from the local shopkeeper. He was prompted to start painting some years ago when an accident confined him to bed for a time.

Aspiring to pursue a career as an artist, Christophe says, 'To me Art is not something to talk about, it is something to feel, like the sun's rays, a poem, a woman's smile.'

Opening Reception: Friday 21st August 7-9pm