'Stories from Beyond the Dream'

An Exhibition of Embroidery and Oils by Cliodhna Quinlan

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From Tuesday 22nd May to Sunday 3rd June 2007

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Stories from beyond the dream', an exhibition of embroidery and oils by artist Cliodhna Quinlan.

Wicklow based artist Cliodhna has just returned from Mexico, where she had been living and working for the last 18 months. During her time there she exhibited in San Miguel Allende and Guanajuato. Cliodhna has also previously exhibited her work in Ireland as well as working on numerous commissions for private clients. Her illustration work can be seen on the covers of various publications for Mercier press and Coisceim.

Colours, pattern and infinite inventiveness are how Cliodhna chooses to illustrate her own personal world. Women have birds flying free from spirals of hair, casting jewelled notes out to anyone who listens; a red horse comes calling, asking for recognition, but the person is shy and reluctant and hides her face. Characters with wings or bodies of serpent inhabit strange landscapes where anything is possible and time is fluid. Cliodhna cites influences such as the Huicole Indians in Mexico who take peyote and paint their communal visions in bright thread or beads. The Aboriginals who paint their stories of creation of the world also inspire her. This same sensibility can be seen in the work of Cliodhna Quinlan; a wish to illustrate or draw forth into forms the magic of the world around her.

Cliodhna uses oils and free hand machine embroidery in her work. Her style is constantly changing. Her subject matter is now more fluid and her use of colour more intuitive than ever. Cliodhna Quinlan is coming into her own as an artist telling her own stories, and is definitely one to watch in the future.

'The best of new and innovative Irish Art' - Image Magazine.
'Gloriously expressive and filled with hidden meanings' - San Miguel Art Review.
'A true storyteller, beautiful personal myths told through wonderful characters that speak from the paintings directly to your soul' - El Sol (magazine for the arts, Guanajuato)

Cliodhna's work may be viewed at: www.cliodhnaquinlan.com

Opening Reception: Thursday 24th May 7-9pm