Exhibition of works by Boz Mugabe.
crypsis image crypsis image crypsis image

Monday 22nd May Sunday 4th June 2017

Signal Arts Centre is very pleased to be exhibiting works in Ink by the artist Boz Mugabe.

This exhibition consists of work planned and executed from late 2015 into 2017.

Purposely veering in a monochromatic direction, it twists and turns around visual ideas of stealth & tribalism. Strange exoskeletal figures and singular-purpose forms exist in a predominantly featureless landscape - part Petri dish, part circadian fragment - purgatorial resin leaking from a rusted vessel in psychological landfill.

Crypsis is the attribute of moving / existing without detection.

Opening Reception: Sunday 28th May 2017 3 - 5 pm
All Welcome!