'Veiled Colour Flow'

An Exhibition by Donna Jacob

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From Tuesday 4th December to Sunday 16th December 2007

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present 'Veiled Colour Flow', an exhibition of new work by artist Donna Jacob. Donna is an artist from Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

In 2005 she obtained Bachelor of Design (Hons) Specialising in Glass Design from NCAD. Donna has previously exhibited at many exhibitions around Ireland including Greystones Art Festival and Cherrylane Fine Art Gallery in Co. Wicklow, Art Ireland at the RDS in Dublin and Flair Contemporary Craft and Applied Art at Kings Hall in Belfast. Donna has also won numerous awards at competitions such as the Wicklow Show Drawing Competition and was the student representative for the Glass Society of Ireland.

'Through figurative and abstract sculptural forms, my work explores themes of meditative sensations and feelings of connection to an expansive energy. When you allow yourself to become fully present in that moment, opening the senses to be heightened and to become aware of the sights, sounds and feel of the environment. This interaction dissolves the boundaries between the internal space of the body and the external environmental space, opening a channel of harmonious flow of these energies.

Through reading, writing, meditating and simple activities such as walking, I am continuously exploring these moments of awareness. Drawing, photography, life drawing, colour, music and subjects such as body language, body energy auras, magnetic energy, Buddhist philosophy and psychology of the mind, have all influenced me.

I want my work to create a mood or object for contemplation, to encourage people to experience these moments. The tactile surface quality and swirling colour movement in the pieces invite the audience to engage with them, and to give a glimpse of the creative flow of this expansive energy. I want to voice a subtle language that makes others aware of their connection to other individuals and to their environment'.

Opening Reception: Friday 7th December 7-9pm