'An Exhibition of Paintings'

by Fionnuala O'Toole

From Tuesday 30th August to Saturday 10th September 2005

Fionnuala O'Toole began her career as assistant director at Sullivan Bluth Studios, Dublin, working on full length animation films including 'American Tail' and 'Land before Time' before working as a freelance film maker

She produced and directed numerous TV commercials and short films including the highly acclaimed 'The Story of Carol', a drama documentary dealing with domestic violence and 'The Yellow Man' based on a concept by the artist Pauline Bewick.

In 2003 she took a career break and went to live and paint in a remote part of the Dingle Peninsula, leading to her first solo exhibition in the Bray Chamber of Commerce. Since then she completed a number of commissions, including four large pieces for a new pub in Waterford. Fionnuala also exhibited in the R.D.S. in 2004.

Signal Arts are delighted to present her next exhibition of paintings and she also has been invited to exhibit in London and Milan.

Her paintings, oil on canvas, on large format, are evocative figurative images with mostly women as her subject. She aims to portray the strength and beauty of modern women and the struggle within, using her strong sense of colour, use of light and shade and drawing on both contemporary and classical techniques to invoke strong emotions in the viewer.

This exhibition is dedicated to Fionnuala's father, Barry McGlynn, who died last week.

Fionnuala would like to thank John Duggan of the Martello for his sponsorship of the wine for this exhibition.

Opening Reception: Friday 2nd September 7-9pm