'Who's Yer Paddy?'

An Exhibition of Watercolour Prints by Francisco De Borja

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From Tuesday 28th April to Sunday 10th May 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of work by artist Francisco De Borja. Francisco was born in the late seventies in the newborn Spanish democracy. He grew up in a catholic middle class family and ever since he can remember he liked to draw. When he was a teenager and didn’t show any talent for science or literature, he decided the only thing he could do was to study arts. He studied for four years at the University of Fine Arts in Valencia, one year at the Fine Arts School of Athens and finished his degree in the Australian Centre of Arts and Technology in Canberra. When he returned to Spain he rambled around trying to find a stable job related to art.

He came to Ireland in 2004 with a one-way ticket, a few euros and a dossier of design, media and animation work. He got a job in an emerging animation company and since then he has been involved with various different animation projects. He currently works as an art/creative director.

The theme for this exhibition concerns real people he has come across since coming to live in Ireland – a portrait of the average Irish person, from all walks of life. The work consists of prints of hand drawn watercolour portraits, each accompanied by a short written description of how the person was encountered.

Opening Reception: Thursday 30th April 7-9pm