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'From the Dales to the Mountains'

Presenting works from Ada McCune

Monday 15th - Sunday 28th October 2018


Opening Thursday 18th October 7-9pm


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“I was born in 1937 in a small mining village called Moorends near the Yorkshire moors. 

I have always been interested in drawing & painting, and on countryside walks with my Grandfather, I developed a deep love of nature and landscape.  I have a vivid memory of seeing my first kingfisher while walking along a stream in the Dales – that flash of turquoise has stayed with me 80 years.  


When I moved to Dublin in 1961, the landscape of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains reminded me of Yorkshire.  Having 4 children and all that entails, my painting was put on hold until the seventies.


During family holidays to the west of Ireland, I spent time observing and sketching the beautiful landscape.  I still go back to these dog-eared sketch-books from time to time.  These drawings transport me back to a place and time – evoking memories. What is important to me in the landscape is light and form.  On any given day in Connemara, the light can change a thousand times.  I wish to describe the light as it bathes the landscape.  Mist fascinates me – how it can soften and erase the harsh lines of a rugged landscape.  I try to capture a landscape in north-west Donegal as the mist comes in from the sea.


Recently I returned to Yorkshire for a holiday.  I was struck by how similar the Yorkshire landscape is to parts of Ireland.  Memories of my childhood are in the work.  These days I paint in my small studio in Malahide for a few hours every day.  I feel it’s essential for me to have a creative life.”

- Ada McCune


Opening Thursday 18th October 7-9pm

All Welcome!