'Don't Feed the Bears'

An Exhibition of Ink Drawings by Gerry Lee
Gerry Lee's image Gerry Lee's image Gerry Lee's image

From Tuesday 20th January to Sunday 1st February 2009

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present this collection of work by artist Gerry Lee.  Gerry studied at DLIADT and the work for this exhibition has been created using different ink media on board.   He is currently studying for an MA in Art Therapy at the Crawford College of Art and Design.

In his work he addresses the predator/prey relationships between sexual archetypes and the individual self-destructivity that often occurs.  The terms top/bottom, aggressive and passive, familiar labels in a culture of sexualisation, readily seek to categorise individuals into polar extremes of perpetrator and victim.  The characters are literal translations of the predatory iconic references of this culture i.e. wolf, bear etc.  Each piece reflects the behaviour of archetypes that he has comparatively observed, experienced or has been recanted to him by other individuals. 

The work seeks to question why such archetypal roles are donned by individuals and if the divide of predator/prey exists or if all characters are culpable of playing both roles.  The repetitive patterns used in the work relate to the reoccurring tendencies of the archetypes and also the kitsch and aesthetic façade of romance that often conceals the detrimental nature beneath.

Opening Reception: Thursday 22nd January 7-9pm