'Drawings by Bray Primary School Students'

Exhibition of works by a group of talented up and coming young artists.

Curated by Greg Murray.
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From Monday 9th – Sunday 22nd May 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by a Group of students from St Philomena’s and St. Andrews schools under the guidance of Artist Greg Murray of the Signal Art Centre.

This exhibition is a collaboration of work by students from two schools in Bray, St. Philomena’s (Ravenswell) located on the North side of Bray, and St. Andrews on Bray South side.

Both schools are working with art teacher Greg Murray, of Signal Art Centre, to bring this rather large body of work together. Greg has been teaching drawing techniques to the 3rd, 4th and 5th class students at Ravenswell for a number of years through the School Completion Programme and teaching 4th, 5th and 6th class students at St. Andrews through the PTA.

Both groups have been selecting their own choice of subject matter for each one hour class once a week. The content of the exhibition of drawings includes a varied selection of animals, still life, portraits, cartoon characters and superheroes. The variety of content is equally matched by the wonderful variety of styles chosen for exhibition by the students themselves.

For these young artists this will be the first time they exhibit their work in a public gallery space so this is a fine opportunity to pick up a very affordable piece of original artwork by the talented future of Irish art.

We at Signal Arts Centre are delighted to bring these two schools together and host their joint exhibition.

Please come and support this event, as it would be great to give these young people our combined support!

Opening Reception: Sunday 15th May 3 pm - 5 pm