'Inside and Out'

An Exhibition of works by a group of talented Artists
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From Monday 18th January to Sunday 31st January 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by a group of artists from Sunbeam House & Carmona.

Carmona Artisans: Siobhan Kelly, Yvonne Downey, Katie Perry, Yvonne Dooley and Ryan O'Hare.

The Artisan studio is for intellectually disabled artists where they are respected and supported to develop a pathway to market their work.

They are all affiliated with the Artisanís studio in St John of God, Carmona Services. They all have a strong daily practice and have been part of numerous group exhibitions. They have different methods and styles of working and reinterpret source materials to create new and sometimes abstract pieces of work. This current opportunity to show their work alongside Sunbeam House Artists is an exciting collaboration with their peers.

Eolas Photography Group: Stephen Browne, Paul Fulham, Gerry Byrne, Gerry Murphy, Neil Kelly

The Eolas photography group are very excited about their upcoming exhibition. This will be the first for this group, and they are very pleased that the Artisans accepted the invitation to show their work alongside the Eolas photography group work. This collaboration is a great opportunity to forge new friendships and will be a great new experience.

The Eolas group are service users in Sunbeam House Services who provide a wide range of supports to adults with learning disabilities. All participate in a wide range of activities, including photography. The Eolas photography group all love landscape photography, this seems to be their first love, so we decided to visit lots of different iconic locations so we could capture some of the amazing beauty that we saw.

Opening Reception: Sunday 24th January 3 - 5pm