'Interventions From Landscape'

Exhibition of works by the artists Martin McCormack and Frank McGrath.
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From Monday 20th June Sunday 3rd July 2016

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by Frank McGrath and Martin McCormack under the title of 'Interventions from Landscape'.

The intervention of the landscape produces responses in the soul which then permeates into the fabric of the art.

The exhibition explores who or what we are...The land we live in has an influence on our beings, and consequently on our art. Therefore our art reflects back these influences. In a way, the physical land, as well as social and spiritual influences, makes us what we are.

This exhibition looks at the land in a number of ways. Using the physical material of the land to create images brings the landscape itself into our homes. We literally are physically engaging with the landscape. Also, the land speaks a message of its history and use, which the artist then tries to pass on through his work.

Martin Mc Cormack's work takes the material of the landscape, namely Peat, and creates images that reflect the spirit and character of the people of the land of Ireland. Character molded from the physical connection of making a physical living from the land, as well as the social and spiritual influences that continue to influence the character of the Irish people. The rawness of the Peat medium, and the subjects of the images, convey a sense that the human soul is created from a number of influences that are often outside of our control.

For these young artists this will be the first time they exhibit their work in a public gallery space so this is a fine opportunity to pick up a very affordable piece of original artwork by the talented future of Irish art.

Frank McGrath works with acrylic paint and experimental photographic processes. As a painter he experiences a tension within concerning what he feels is expected of landscape painting compared to his response to what the landscape is saying. This conflict of influences takes place during the process of painting, but generates respect for the landscape for both its history and present use.

Opening Reception: Friday 24th June 7 - 9 pm