An Exhibition by Joanne Boyle

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From Tuesday 14th August to Sunday 26th August 2007

Signal Arts Centre is pleased to present a series of new paintings by Joanne Boyle. This series of work marks an important departure from the first show 'Woman' held at the Signal Arts Centre in 2003.

Present in these new works are echoes of vague construction, frames and vessels. The importance of the space explored on the canvas surface has expanded to become an exploration of the medium of painting itself. The desire to capture space, time, emotion and experience cannot be neatly captured on a canvas, with the result that the works are suggestive rather than representational.

Colour is used to create a strong emotional charge. There is a suggestion throughout of flux and a strong sense that the journey towards an image; rather than the creation of a fixed, specific representation is key.

Opening Reception: Friday 17th August 7-9pm