'First Hand Emotion'

An Exhibition by Katarzyna Gajewska

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From Tuesday 13th February to Sunday 25th February 2007

Signal Arts Centre is delighted to present 'First Hand Emotion', an exhibition of new paintings by Polish artist Katarzyna Gajewska.

Katarzyna is living and working in Dublin but was born and educated in Warsaw. She graduated with an M.F.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since then Katarzyna's work has been displayed on numerous occasions in Poland and Ireland, in both group and solo shows. Her shows in Ireland include exhibitions in the Origin Gallery and Open Studios in Dublin and Siopa Cill Rialaig in Kerry.

Katarzyna says 'I don't use any tools besides my hands - to be closer. I could say my art is a first hand emotion - and that's why I am painting only with my hands'. Katarzyna describes her painting process as something between dreams and documentation. Her art is situated in the middle, not realistic and yet not abstract. Her portraits are like multilayered cocoons, profoundly intimate, sexual or innocent. For Katarzyna no subject is sacred. The role of provocative feelings, persuasion as well as the human impulse to beautify compels her works of art.

'I'm trying to search for inspiration every day: To reach for the deep feelings hidden below the surface of appearances, to pull them out from behind the window pane. It is a permanent record of fleeting sensations. This release from naturalism is a real struggle between the forces of creation and destruction.'

Opening Reception: Friday 16th February 7-9pm