An Exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics by Liam Fitzpatrick

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From Tuesday 15th February to Saturday 26th February 2006

Liam says 'Using personal experiences and emotional experiences like neglect, love and sorrow. Using painting to connect with people, after failing to connect with people by other means. Using colour and shapes to express those feelings and using the human body because of its recognisable shape. We see it everyday in the mirror, on the streets and in the mind.'

Liam uses strong, bold colours with a strong sense of space, in both his painting and ceramics. The work is emotionally based, with intellectually stimulating images, which one can relate to. What makes this exhibition stand out is its honesty and depth.

'Painting with acrylics onto cotton as freely as I can, with no restriction or rules with what colour I use on my palette, painting with a flagrant value to get the organic look from the body.' – Liam.

Liam has recently completed the FETAC Art/Ceramics Course at St. Thomas' Community College/Bray Senior School, where Liam is presently studying his 1st year Fine Art BTAC.

This is Liam's first solo exhibition. We at Signal are delighted to present Liam's unique and colourful work.

Opening Reception: Friday 18th February 7-9pm