'Landscape and Memory'

An Exhibition of Paintings by Linda Shevlin

From Tuesday 10th July to Saturday 21st July 2001

Born in Kildare and now living in Dublin, Linda Shevlin has travelled in Australia and South East Asia. Since graduating from D.I.T. she has participated in a number of group shows, including The Iontas 7th National Exhibition which toured Sligo, Dublin, Limerick and Derry and The Quadrant '99 Exhibition at the Beltable, Limerick. She is a founder member of the Stoney Batter Studio.

Describing her work for this current exhibition, she says 'I deal with the idea that landscape and the memory of landscapes are never the same.' Vast and unpeopled, but firmly anchored by the horizon, her sunburnt ochre landscapes, painted in oil on canvas, are deeply evocative.

Opening Reception: Thursday 12th July 7-9pm